Sl. No.TitleApplication No. & DateCurrent
1Mehndi (INAI) Machine201941037122 & 16/09/2019Filed
2Smart automatic wireless system for weather data monitoring and safe landing of boats201941028894 & 18/07/2019Filed
3Smart Propeller201941028892 & 18/07/2019Filed
4Smart Fishing Rectangular Aid201941028891 & 18/07/2019Filed
5Boat Balancing Based on AI201941028896 & 18/07/2019Filed
6Fish Segregation201941028883 & 18/07/2019Filed
7Automatic direction finder based on preloaded obstacles201941028893 & 18/07/2019Filed
8Smart fish detector in underwater201941028895 & 18/07/2019Filed
9Alert system while other boats in danger201941028897 & 18/07/2019Filed
10Fishing Cage20194102889 & 18/07/2019Filed
11Carbon NaN biosensors Derived from Castor and Kerosene Oils201941008397 & 05/03/2019Registered
12Smart Fishery Boat201841036247 & 26/09/2018Filed
13Vibro Wind Mobile Charger20184107964 & 14/05/2018Filed
14Single Slope Solar Still with Electro-acoustic Transducer201841013398 & 09/04/2018Applied
15Mechanically Powered Attachment For Apparel Folding Machine201841013402 & 09/04/2018Published
16Mobile Mulberry Hiring System201841013389 & 09/04/2018Applied
17An Automatic Temperature Controlling System for Optimal Sericulture201841013392 & 09/04/2018Applied
18Automatic Elephant Intrusion Detection and Repellant System201841013399 & 09/04/2018Applied  
19Smart Mosquito Repeller201841013388 & 09-04-2018Applied
20Design Of Scram Jet Nozzle, Derived from a Supersonic Nozzle with Swirl Flow in the Divergent201841012571 & 03/04/2018Published
21Water quality monitoring and pond management automation in aquaculture201841007852 & 02/03/2018Published
22In Pipe Inspection Robot Crawler Adaptable to all Diameters201841003770 & 01/02/2018Published
23Saree Folding Machine201841001346 & 12/01/2018Published
24Khagithapai- a portable paper bag making machine201741043848 & 07/12/2017Applied
25Collar Cleaning Machine  201741039956 & 09/11/2017Published
26Automatic Palmyra Palm Seed Picker201741029120 & 17/08/2017Published and FER Issued
27Green Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles Using Fruit Extracts – Bael Fruit, Eugenia Jambolana and Soursop201741038806 & 01/11/2017Registered
28Intelligent Route Map Design for Interlinking of Indian Rivers from River Ganges201741038807 & 01/11/2017Registered
29Satellite based Laser Weapon Design for Supercilious warfare system201741038808 & 01/11/2017Registered
30Experimental Protocol Design for the Inhibition and Dose Dependent Suppression of HIV – 1 Using Gold Nanoparticles201741038809 & 01/11/2017Registered
31Development of real time Stability tester for an aqueous solution of fuel using photonic concepts201741038810 & 01/11/2017Registered
32Development of engineered gold nanoparticles for high Contrast Imaging of Tumor in X-ray photography201741038811 & 01/11/2017Registered
33Weight Controlled Suicidal Preventive Clamp201641041424 & 05/12/2016Published and FER Issued
34Packed Pebble Bed Heat Exchanger With Thermal Storage Device7120/CHE/2015 & 31/12/2015Applied
35Self-Glazed Geopolymer Tiles Using Bottom Ash-GGBFS7111/CHE/2015 & 31/12/2015Application Published
36Application of Waste Foundry Sand in Enhancement of Strength Characteristics of Plain and Reinforced Concrete7106/CHE/2015 & 31/12/2015Awaiting Examination
37Sustainable High Performance Concrete Using Manufactured Sand7107/CHE/2015 & 31/12/2015Application Published
38Environmental Friendly Zero Cement Geopolymer Concrete Using Flyash and Manufactured Sand7105/CHE/2015 & 31/12/2015Application Examined (FER Issued)
39A Monitoring System and Evaluation of Daily Activities for Elder Care Using Cognitive Wireless Sensor Network7114/CHE/2015 & 31/12/2015Application Published
40Equipment for Measurement of Soil Parameters and Conservation of Water Using Sensors in Agricultural Fields7110/CHE/2015 & 31/12/2015Application Published
41Thermoelectric Power Generator Using Solar Energy7117/CHE/2015 & 31/12/2015Application Published
42A Device For Energy Harvesting of WI-FI Signal using a Rectenna7121/CHE/2015 & 31/12/2015Application Published
43An Automatic Solar Tracking Equipment Based on Shadow Detection Through Image Processing7119/CHE/2015 & 31/12/2015Application Published
44A Device for Data Transaction between Electronic Gadgets using Visible Light Communication7115/CHE/2015 & 31/12/2015Application Published
Sl.NoName of the Applicant(s)Name of the Inventor (s)Type of IPR: Copyright / Trademark / Industrial DesignTitleDate of FilingApplication No. or Registration No. / Diary No.Current Status
1B.VarunB.VarunCopyrightME6611 CAD & CAM LAB MANUAL07-02-20191950/2019-CO/LApplied